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Committed to preventing illness and HIV infection through counseling, support, testing services, referrals and eduction.


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The community has not been receiving enough information on a consistent basis from a variety of sources surrounding issues pertaining to its sexual health and HIV/AIDS, and other illnesses and infectious diseases which are on the rise. Our task is to be the passionate VOICE that plans effective Outreach efforts that reach into the community with the purpose and resolve of spreading the WORD on all things HIV, and other illnesses and infections.

In 2018, Prince George’s County and Baltimore City had the highest rates (per 100,000 individuals) of new HIV diagnoses. Seventy-five percent (75%) of the 994 reported HIV diagnoses in Maryland in 2018 were among NH (Non-Hispanic) -Black, thirteen percent (13%) were among NH-White, eight percent (8%) were Hispanic, and five (5%) were NH-Other.

Three Hundred Eleven (311) diagnosed cases of the 994 reported HIV diagnoses were in Prince George’s County.

On average three (3) people are diagnosed with HIV in Maryland every day. Six (6) people are diagnosed with HIV in Prince George’s County every week.

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